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Hello Lovely!

As a dedicated hairstylist, my passion revolves around helping clients fully embrace and love their  curls. With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, I've built my craft around celebrating the unique beauty of every individual who sits in my chair. Based in the vibrant Cedar Valley, my reach extends beyond state lines, welcoming clients from neighboring areas who seek out my expertise.


My journey into the world of haircare is deeply rooted in my upbringing and values instilled by my family. Born in El Salvador and raised by a loving Caucasian family in Iowa, I embody the fusion of diverse backgrounds and the power of inclusivity. It's this rich tapestry of experiences that fuels my commitment to creating a salon environment where everyone feels valued, understood, and respected.


Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I continuously expand my expertise through annual academy attendance and hold a bachelor's degree in business administration. This blend of artistic flair and business acumen allows me to not only create stunning looks but also to mentor and empower others within the industry.


What sets me apart is my unwavering dedication to fostering connections and celebrating diversity. As a person of color raised in a traditional Caucasian family, I intimately understand the importance of acknowledging and honoring our differences. My mission extends beyond the salon walls as I work tirelessly to create a space where diversity is not only embraced but celebrated.


When I'm not behind the chair, you'll find me immersed in a good book or engaging in lively discussions about literature. I cherish the connections I've built with my clients and constantly seek to expand my circle, welcoming anyone who seeks guidance in nurturing their natural beauty.


Join me on this journey of self-love and empowerment. Discover the beauty of your curls and experience the warmth and expertise that define my salon. Explore my services in detail by clicking our service menu and take the first step towards embracing your unique beauty.

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I'm honored to introduce myself.  My name is LeeAnn Rousselow.  People would characterize me as high energy and outgoing with an enthusiastic passion for life.   I started my career in 1984 at an upscale salon called City Looks.  I was employed there for 12 years.  In 1996 I co-founded Trends Salon.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  Yes! I've been in the industry for a long time.  Don't let that distract you.  I'm just as passionate today as the day I started.  I've attended many classes and workshops throughout my career and continue to educate myself on current Trends.  I've become a huge fan of Twitter and TikTok.  I love making women look and feel beautiful.  I've been asked what my specialty is and honestly, I have to say "you".  I feel everyone is uniquely beautiful with different needs.  I work with all hair types and lengths.  My styles differ from classic to trendy.  I take into account my client's entire head shape, texture, and density.  This has been a key factor in my success as a stylist.  I also enjoy creating shiny beautiful colors, highlights, and lowlights.  I'm detailed and my clients leave looking and feeling their best.  It always makes my heart smile when they tell me about the all compliments they receive.  My average client ranges in age from 50-75.  I look forward to working with you.  Yes! I love my job! 




Hi Friends! 

Welcome to Trends!  I love Jesus, my family, and my clients.  I helped to found Trends in 1996 and can't imagine working anywhere else!  I love this place.  I consider myself blessed to be able to do a job I love for over 35 years and I plan on working for many more! I find great joy in swapping stories, big laughs and recipes with my clients, who I consider my friends.   

I specialize in natural-looking colors, especially hiding those pesky grey hairs that tend to sneak up on you.  If you are a silver-haired fox , or a lady who is thinking about transitioning to a more naturally grey look.   I am the stylist  for you.  My personal hairstyle is long-oh do I love a messy bun!!!- But I really enjoy doing signature short looks as well.  I like to create a style that suits the individual through shape and color.  Each individual's hair is different due to texture, density, length and growth patterns, so we need to find what works for you.  I would love the opportunity to help find you that natural look.  

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Hi Everyone! 

I have been a stylist in the Cedar Valley for almost 20 years!  My approach is honest and bold.  It is important to listen and consider your wants, needs and concerns  before determining what will work best for you.  I encourage my clients to keep an open mind while I help them achieve their goals and best look.  

I specialize in women's hair coloring, such as grey coverage, major color shifts and balayage.  Haircuts and facial waxing are two other services I offer.  Communication is key to a successful visit with me, I want you to love your hair. Be open and honest with what you like and and I will be honest with you in the time and process it will take to get your hair the way you want it.  I am available Monday-Thursday 9am to 1pm.  I am excepting new clients! To get a hold of me head to our "book now'" page.  

-Staci Meyer

specializing in keeping it real 😜



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Hello, Sunshine! 

Welcome to my treatment room! My name is Sadie-Jane or better known as SJ. I was born and raised right here in Waterloo, Iowa.



As a young woman in this generation of instagram, snapchat and all forms of social media, I realize we are constantly comparing and judging ourselves. That is why my treatment room is a safe space for all genders, ethnicities, and sexualities to be your authentic self.  It’s a judgment free zone.  My clients are honored and you will eave feeling refreshed, confident and beautiful in your own skin.



I graduated  with my esthetics license early 2023. But the education did not stop there. I am constantly researching and furthering my knowledge by taking classes and courses.  My clients get outstanding results and are assured I am continually up-leveling my technique and deepening my knowledge. 


I want to share my abundance of knowledge with you! In fact, that’s  what sets me apart from other professionals, I place a high value on passing my expertise to my clients. I tailor each service to your individual needs and I explain the what, when, why, and how of each service.   Whatever treatment you choose, I take the time to walk you through the process from the moment you book your service, to what to expect when you’re in my room, and how to care for yourself in between visits.  


When I’m not at Trends I’m most likely making a mess in the kitchen trying a new recipe for my family and friends. I also find joy in the outdoors so you will see me at the dog park with my 3 fur babies or reading a good book while they keep each other entertained.

Make sure to check out my service menu to see the wide variety of services I offer.  Each and every service  is customized to best fit you. Feel free to email me at or book a free  consultation with me to discuss where I can assist in your beauty routine.  



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